Vaci Utca Street

 Vaci Utca Street, one of the elite shopping and entertainment centers in Budapest, is one of the most lively spots of the city together with Andrássy Street. You can't take your eyes off the magnificent buildings and historical mansions along the street. The street, which is full of shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels, welcomes its visitors with the dynamism of the Pest region. One of the features that adds color to Vaci Utca Street is that it is closed to traffic. You can walk and wander freely along the street as you wish. In general, Budapest is an ideal city for walking. It is among your options to sit in the cute cafes of the street to take a breather after your shopping. On the side streets, there are restaurants serving mostly local dishes. You can also evaluate the bar and restaurant alternatives with high service quality, have a nice meal and sip your drink. This is a street that resembles Nişantaşı a bit. Also, take a look at the many souvenir shops on